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Welcome to MarbleTalks, a Blog for our ministers and staff members to share their thoughts, questions, and experiences with you, our faith community. We hope the writing inspires you on your spiritual journey and encourages you to take action in your life and the world around you.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011
This Bird's For You
By webmaster @ 12:01 AM :: 1621 Views :: 1 Comments :: Nina Frost
Speaking of Lenten practices, I just remembered a year-round one, courtesy of Thomas Merton, who wrote:

“A bird calls, announcing the difference between heaven and hell.”

That’s it. Meaning… heaven is when you are available enough, present enough, to actually hear the bird.

Hell is when you never hear the bird, when you miss it, and who knows what else.

Think it’s just about birds? I wish. It is, of course, about all we are called to hear, see, notice, act upon. Both in a given moment, and in our lifetimes.

Who to help? Where to serve? What to appreciate? What to take in? Who to be? Just some of the birds that flock our way.

And, moment by moment, the “bird” is also about how to attend to: The person in front of me, speaking to me, be they friend, family or stranger. The stirrings in my own heart, be they strange or welcome… or both.

Am I listening? Do I hear? Did I miss today’s burning bush, in my haste, and my worry, and my willfulness?

What helps me hear what God wants me to hear? What helps me slow down, or be less defended, or not turn away from the most challenging birds?

The ancient spiritual practice of the “examen” is a way to review your day from the perspective of what you have noticed, what you have heard. Might be worth trying for a few of these Lenten days. Jot things down so you don’t forget them. There may be a pattern… some clues… some ways to trace the mysterious invitations we are all subject to, but don’t always send timely RSVPs to.

Listening blessings to you.
By delano430 @ Wednesday, March 23, 2011 11:48 AM
At 4:15 this morning my cat heard the birds. And she let me know loud and clear! And at 6:30 this morning, a quick step outside confirmed that indeed, spring is springing and the birds are excited about it. This time of year offers an abundance of opportunities to appreciate the glory of God but Nina does a great job of pointing out that too often we fail to notice in our haste... or fail to appreciate what might show up unbidden (like my cat's early morning jubilation) as another opportunity to give thanks for God's presence. We are richly blessed.

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